Evaluating Commonsense Knowledge

This is an ongoing project focused on evaluating commonsense knowledge bases extracted automatically from the web. The current knowledge base was extracted by the SIGART group of UIUC, the data can be found here.

The purpose of this project is to have a completely evaluated commonsense knowledge base with extra information as context. This will be useful for future applications that use commonsense knowledge.

INSTRUCTIONS: This page is a prototype of the final system, in the next page you will be presented 10 different sentences which need to be classified. The options are true, false, I don't know , non sense. There is a time limit of 1 minute to give an answer for each sentence (do not worry, nothing bad will happen if you are unable to provide all the answers).

Since this is supposed to be commonsense do not worry about special circumstances in which a sentence may be true or false, answer the most common case according to your own knowledge. If you don't know if a sentence is true or not you may choose "I don't know". "Non sense" is to be answered in case the content of the sentence is not clear or it actually makes no sense.

Thank you for you help.


Juan Fernando Mancilla Caceres